Why I love this time of year

Okay, it seems that with every post my blog is changing, but I’ve decided that I’m just going to go with it. So, is it me or does every blog seem to have a top – fill in the blank – list? In light, of my ever evolving blog I’m definitely jumping on that band wagon. Maybe it makes me more official? Anyways lets get it.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve absolutely loved the Fall. So, if I was ever going to do a top – fill in the blank – list Fall would , without question, be the subject. Anyway, here is my self-indulgent top 8 reasons why I love this time of year. Enjoy !

1. It’s legit for me to listen to Christmas Music 


But lets be real, for any of you who know me well, I love me some Christmas. So I’ll basically listen to holiday tunes whenever I feel like it – I’m listening to some right now. Patience and moderation are definitely not my strong suits.

2. Coming in out of the cold 

I grew up in South Carolina, so I never appreciated this until I moved to the Northeast.

3. Ideal temperature for cuddling 

I know it’s sappy, but so am I – I had to include it.

4. The leaves change color 


To me, leaves are much more beautiful in the Fall, even though they are dying. I guess it’s true what they say – there’s beauty in most things.

5. Hot drinks


Okay so this is a little like the Christmas music. I can drink hot chocolate year round, and I pretty much do. My man is not a fan of warm drinks, so I think I have taken on the task of drinking enough for both of us.

6. It’s perfectly acceptable to indulge 


Like I’m doing by writing this list :)

7. Baking sweets


I love to bake, and this is the time of year when I really run with it. Sweet potato pie is my personal favorite – recipe to come soon :)

8. Christmas and anything remotely related 


We all know it’s the best holiday :)

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