Back at it

Ok. So apparently it’s been 18 days since I’ve bothered to post on my blog 0_o. Pretty bad, but the point is I’m back. I actually have a somewhat legitimate excuse for putting this on the back burner – something to do with being a career student. Lets just say I’ve been busy making progress and busy taking a much needed break after said progress. So let’s get back to it.

A couple of weeks ago after agonizing for way too long over potential quilt designs, I remembered that in some aspects of life I can be quite indecisive – basically anything related to clothing or design. So it makes total sense that I would spend entirely too long trying to innovate something brilliant – I put too much pressure on myself. To save my sanity I decided to buy a book of quilt patterns, but not just any book. I like the idea behind quilting, but I definitely do not like the way it’s commonly executed. The bottom line is I like modern – esthetically pleasing – things and so whatever I make needs to reflect that. So I bought this book.


This post isn’t meant to really be a review, but I will say a couple things about the book – perhaps I will actually review the book whenever I finish this crazy undertaking. Anyway, what I love about this book is that it offers simplistic beautiful quilt designs for folks like myself who need a departure from the traditional kitsch of patterned squares. Also, it seems to have great instructions – hopefully in practice that will be true.

After looking through the designs I finally decided on one – if I actually like quilting I’m sure I will be using other designs from this book. Check it out.


At first I considered using this pattern in it’s entirety, colors included. Eventually I decided that one, I’m not in love with the colors and two, I wanted to flex my creative muscles. Check out my interpretation below – can’t wait to get started.