Welcome to Cut.e.sthetic!

When I decided to start this blog I intended it to be an outlet for interests that I’ve been wanting to nurture, but wasn’t quite sure of how to do that.As a child I was creative – I loved to draw, played piano for nearly 10 years, and always felt that I had an eye for beautiful things. As I got older I kind of filed that  part of myself away. I’ve recently dusted off that part of myself and it has been very exciting for me. I am by every account a beginner, but I’m enjoying that journey. I figured creating this blog would motivate me to continue nurturing that part of myself and ,as an added bonus, allow me to share it with whoever stumbled across it.

The title – Cut.e.sthetic – was one of many potentials. I settled on it because it pays homage to my appreciation of esthetics and design, but also because I think it conveys the start of my journey to developing my own esthetic for the things I love about life.  After some reflection, I’ve decided I want to expand it a bit and give myself the freedom to express whatever. So welcome to my blog – a place for all my loves – food, fitness, craft, design – and a little bit of off topic stuff too. I hope you will follow me in my journey as I create my brand of estheticism.

Thanks for being a part of my journey : )