Modern love

Since leaving college I have lived in 3 different apartments – all had 3 very distinct looks. My love for design and the process that goes along with it means I buy new things every time I move – yes this is incredibly expensive lol.  But it’s  allowed me to evolve my style and see the growth and evolution of my personal taste and ability to put together a space. I secretly – or not so secretly according to my man – love moving because it means a new opportunity to do something I truly love to do.

My current place is my favorite for many reasons, but primarily because I think it represents me and my current design potential. I have become less and less dependent on Ikea over the years and that’s allowed my imagination to expand. As my imagination has been wandering I have developed a genuine love and appreciation for mid-century design and architecture – I’d like to think it has nothing to do with my love of Madmen. Needless to say I’m excited for my next move. Luckily I have an amazing man in my life that notices my obsessions and encourages me to not just be a casual lover, but a knowledgeable one. Check out my recent birthday haul. The two on top are from my big brother :) Looking forward to exploring/using each of them.

birthday books