First steps

One of the great things about life are the chances we have to feel it. As kids, our emotions were unapologetic and pure – the thought of childlike excitement comes to mind. Somewhere in adulthood though, life gets more complex and the pure quality of emotion sometimes gets muddied. It makes those moments all the more precious when you experience emotion without limits and outside of judgment. As soon as I get to the point of this post you might think to yourself – this intro was way to introspective. What can I say, I’m in that kind of mood.

I’m a natural planner and so anything which involves planning brings me genuine joy and when I get to actually execute my plan – oh man crazy excitement! Yesterday I took a trip to Jo-Ann’s to pick out fabric for my future endeavor – my quilt. I’ve been there before, but usually to buy something mundane to use on a mundane project. So this is the first time I’ve gone to do something fun. There were so many fabric options, and I’m pretty sure I looked at every quilting fabric they carry. I finally decided on these 4 fabrics. I’m going for a modern twist on the traditional quilt.










There are many more steps I have to take on this journey, but I will look forward to all the chances to experience excitement, feelings of accomplishment, frustration, or whatever – unapologetically.  Next step… coming up with a pattern. I’m excited!